State Election campaign

WA Local Government Association

Strategy, concept development, advertising and website production


Project overview

As the State Government election loomed in 2012, the WA Local Government Association (WALGA), as the voice of Local Government, engaged our services to develop a campaign with the aim of ensuring that the issues that affect ratepayers at a very local level were not overlooked as the parties focussed on the big ticket items such as stadiums and rail links.
Utilising local and state-wide press over several weeks to gain the attention of ratepayers as well as local members of parliament and drive traffic to a stand-alone website, the ‘what’s in it for you‘ campaign was developed.

Firstly, the major parties were written to, with WALGA identifying several key Local Government issues. The letter sent was to seek commitment from the parties, or at least get them to state their stance on the issues at hand. These responses were then published in the press via full page ads and uploaded to the ‘whatsinitforyou’ website. Local members (who may also have been getting pressure from the public), seeing that they may be up against stiff competition in certain areas where other parties supported local issues that their party didn’t, were encouraged to put pressure on their own parties to change their stance. There was the facility over time for the parties to review and update their status on those issues and these were regularly updated on the website and via the press.

The measurable objective for us was to get the engagement of the major parties and see them change their stance on the issues in a positive manner. We believe this was achieved and that the voice of Local Government was heard.

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